The Story of Nguyen Thi Nhu Anh

In this week project, we visit the home of Nguyen Thi Nhu Anh. Her family consists of her dad, her mom, and an older sister. Her mother suffers from a chronic heart disease that prevents her from sitting upright. Meanwhile, her dad is blind and could no longer work. They all reside in a cramped house of roughly 100 square feet.

This year seems to be the roughest for this family. Nhu Anh recently got admitted to a respected local university. Her parents are happy yet worried; they are troubled about the expenditures and tuition. They could hardly afford their current residence, because the earning of the family comes from her father’s pensions—170 USD per month. After graduating from high school, her mom suddenly became very ill. Consequently, the resources severely reduced, and her chance of going to college is slimmer. Nguyen Thi Nhu Anh’s parents are both sick and lost their ability to work. As a result, her older sibling got a full-time job, so they could manage to send Nhu Anh to college.

October — beginning of rainy and stormy season — is arriving soon. Mr. Thao, Nhu Anh’s father, worries about potential flooding that could destroy his only home. He does not know where his two young daughters and unwell wife will sleep. The old father had nothing. He used to be able to see, take care of his family, and make adequate salary for his family. Until one day, he could no longer see; he felt like he was sinking into complete darkness. It was miserable and lonely. The only fire to light up the joy in this household is Nhu Anh's academic achievement. The certificates she received are valuable assets to this poor father.

“There are no hopeless situations; only hopeless people.” – Nguyen Thi Nhu Anh.

Despite difficult family circumstances, Nhu Anh always tries to rise up. After completing her part-time job at the coffee shop every morning, she comes back home to do additional houseworks, including cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her parents. The table, as seen in the broadcasted video above, is both the dining table and the study desk of Nhu Anh throughout the years. She hopes she will receive excellent grades in college and obtain a sufficient amount of money to continue learning at the institution. Moreover, she works part-time jobs to acquire extra money to support her family, while earning experiences for her career.

She is extremely sad, and desperate for support as her parents are fighting for their lives. She hopes that she will have a solid job with a high salary in the near future to take care of her family. Donate and get involved today to help her family!

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