The Story of Nguyen Nhu Phuong Quynh

This week, we visit the home of Nguyen Nhu Phuong Quynh. In Phuoc Ly apartment complex, there is a family, consisting of a single mom and young a daughter, living with impoverished conditions. Three years ago, her husband left her for another woman after giving birth to their girl. The government provided them a small 300 square ft. apartment that aid them to escape the rented home situation.

Without the presence of a father, she knows that she is less fortunate than her other friends. Although she is still in her teenage age, she has a grown-up spirit. She helps her mom with the household chores. She fantasizes that one day she will have a place of her own. But dreams will only be dreams. She regularly gets discouraged because of her circumstances. Phuong Quynh seeks to overcome her inferiority complex to make their lives more optimistic.

Nguyen Nhu Phuong Quynh excels in school and achieves outstanding awards in various subjects for many consecutive years. Among the school subjects, literature is her favorite. After learning one of his popular poems called “The afternoon chicken sound”, Xuan Quynh becomes Quynh’s beloved poet. The sonnet talks about family love, and it reminds her of her relationship with her mother. Additionally, in the broadcasted video above, she indicates with strong emotion that her main motivation is her mother. Despite of being a single mom, she overcomes every obstacle in life to take care of her daughter. Phuong Quynh acknowledges this, and that is why she loves her mother dearly. She often speaks to her mother about her learnings, and what it is like in schools daily. When other students tease and bully her, her mother just embraces her and tell her that she will remain by her side no matter what.

"Today may seem dark. But tomorrow, the sun will rise again."

- Nguyen Nhu Phuong Quynh

In an interview, she said she wants to tell her mom that although she is not perfect and could not provide for her, Quynh still loves her mother unconditionally. She wishes her mom to stay healthy and also hopes she will overcome her mental illnesses.

Mrs. Vy, who is Quynh’s mother, works at a washateria. She earns approximately $125 each month. Previously, she was a housekeeper, and accept any extra cleaning project to make ends meet. Moreover, on a disastrous morning, Mrs. Vy involved in an accident that resulted in a broken spine. Consequently, she lost most of her mobility for an extended period. Subsequently, she could only hold minimum salary jobs that do not require heavy workload or labor. Her friends and relatives saw Mrs. Vy’s current circumstances and repeatedly offered to help. They were the ones that contacted For Future Foundation local office; we immediately reached out the next day after hearing their stories.

According to her teacher, Phuong Quynh is an excellent and a hardworking student despite of her difficult conditions. She does extremely well in all her classes, but literature was the subject that she outshines all her classmates. In free time, she regularly enjoys reading books as it improves her linguistic proficiencies. Donate and get involved today to help her family!

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