The Story of Dang Thi Thao

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This is the story about the life of an impoverished family in Hoa Vang District, Danang. Every morning, Mrs Dang Thi Thao and her daughter have to wake up early to prepare the meals for the entire day, so Mrs. Thao can go work on the field, and her youngest girl would have to ride the bike for 8km to travel to school. For 9 years, way of life in this house has been lacking of everything, from the money to maintain life, and a husband or a father to rely on. Her spouse passed away in an accident. Since then, Mrs Thao has become the breadwinner of the household, and she does the role of both a mother and a father. The burden on her shoulder becomes heavier and heavier since she gets older and her daughter gets to higher education.

We have a chance to talk to Mrs. Dang Thi Thao. She says that her principal job is working on the field which she rents from others. She leaves to work at dawn, with an hour break in the afternoon, and then works until it is dark. The task is tough, but the profits are low. Despite of that, the incomes are adequate for her and her two children to buy food (only enough for lunch and dinner; they skip breakfast). And they could not afford other expenses such as buying clothes or savings. She wants to find an additional job, but due to her health conditions, they prevent her from doing so. However, she still has to remain working to support her children to pursue their study. She has to perform all these tasks by herself, from hoeing the soil to harvesting the crop. She never once moans a word, and keeps trying because she recognizes that if she does not, her babies will be hungry and have to abandon school.

“I am driven, I am strong!” – Dang Thi Thao

Although her family struggles tremendously, Mrs. Thao is immensely proud when speaking of her girls. Her kids are extremely friendly, especially the youngest one – Xuan. She is dedicated and excels in school. She is a conscientious and energetic young woman, always enthusiastic in class projects. Although her circumstances are not ideal, she still performs well in school. Her sister was also a remarkable scholar with potential, however she had to discontinue school to work. Xuan understands her condition; she embraces her chance to learn.

Due to the mother’s poor health conditions, they can barely make a living from the farms. Xuan does not know if her mom can continue supporting her and financing her study for too long. She wishes her mother could stay healthy to live longer with her and her sister. She dreams of being a professor, so one day she can teach other poor students like her. Donate and get involved today to help her family!

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