One of our goals is raising public awareness for the families that we helped. Due to the difference in languages, we strategically chose names that could appeal to the public. This may causes some confusion for people; however, the delivery of the messages and stories of the families is most important to us.

Our first project was Mai Am Tinh Nguoi, which focused on rebuilding houses for people in poverty.

Our second project was Viet Tiep Uoc Mo, which focused on raising public awareness, fundraising, and providing scholarships for families that have unique stories and circumstances.

Our latest story

The Story of Ho Gia Khanh

On a disastrous morning, Khanh’s father involved in an accident that impacted him both mentally and physically. Consequently, his family suffered greatly as they lost their principal source of income. We assured Ho Gia Khanh that everyone in the nation will hear his story. Moreover, we want to let him know that he is not in this battle alone. This project was broadcasted on the local channel DRT on February 3rd, 2017. As a result, it gained enormous popularity among the locals and transformed the lives of the family positively. Let’s watch this video. Together, we can explore approaches to support Khanh.

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